With 20 years of game development experience, we possess a distinct perspective and confidence in the industry.

Our Top Games

Join Robin, the first assistant robot, in this match-3 game. Complete levels, earn batteries, and explore exciting locations to follow the retro-futuristic storyline as Robin learns about his new home and family.
Restore monuments and cities worldwide by solving match-3 puzzles. Rebuild landmarks from over 150 cities, including New York, Paris, Tokyo, and more.
Toy Story characters star in a mobile match-3 game. Collect Playsets, explore iconic locations, and unlock bonus scenes to experience their magic in imaginative worlds.
Both powerful and flexible in-house tool we've been developing games with for over a decade now.
Citrus Game Engine

About Us

Game Forest, an international game development company established in 2004, has a rich history of collaborating with industry giants such as Disney, Pixar, Big Fish Games, and Mumbo Jumbo. We've created worldwide hits like Gummy Drop!, Toy Story Drop!, 7 Wonders, and Midnight Mysteries using our proprietary Citrus Game Engine.

Our Serbia and Armenia-based teams comprise industry veterans and top-notch specialists committed to excellence throughout the entire game life cycle. At Game Forest, our passion is creating games that resonate with players worldwide.

Our Games

"7 Wonders" is a series of match-3 puzzle games that feature iconic landmarks like the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Enjoy challenging gameplay and stunning graphics while unlocking all the world wonders.

Midnight Mysteries is a hidden object adventure game series that involves solving mysteries related to historical figures like Edgar Allan Poe, Mark Twain, and Abraham Lincoln. With challenging puzzles and immersive atmosphere, it offers hours of entertainment.

Join Samantha Swift's thrilling search for lost treasures and artifacts in this engaging hidden object adventure game series. Explore exotic locations and uncover secrets of the past.

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